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Thanksgiving Holiday:  CLOSED THURSDAY, November 22, 2018
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Christmas Holiday:  CLOSED MONDAY, December 24, 2018 through THURSDAY, January 3, 2019

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      Did you know?

  • Fuhrman's Apple Cider is freshly pressed from a variety of apples supplied by up to 14 Erie County apple farms.
  • The cider presses you see at Fuhrman's are over 100 years old.  They were salvaged from the fire that destroyed the original Fuhrman's Cider Mill in 2007.  These presses are used several times each week to press the cider you buy in our Cider Shack refrigerated case.
  • Thankfully, several other important pieces of equipment were also able to be salvaged and repaired after the fire.  These include the pasteurizer and the bottling machine.
  • At Fuhrman's we try to recycle and reuse as much as possible, to help our environment. 
    • We recycle most of the cardboard packaging that items arrive in. 
    • After the apples are pressed into cider, their "waste product" is not wasted.  Farmers take truckloads to feed their pigs.  We are also exploring additional ways to use the apple leftovers, so as not to increase waste.
  • Any delicious baked goods left at the end of each day are not discarded.  Instead, Fuhrman's regularly donates these sweet treats to local food programs.
  • The Silo on the south side of the building is an actual silo.  We currently use it for storage of cider jugs waiting to be filled with delicious Fuhrman's apple cider.
  • The old-time portait hanging in the General Store is that of our founder, Mr. Charles Fuhrman.
  • The huge wooden beams holding up the Check-Out Station were salvaged from an age-old barn; cleaned up, painted and cut down to fit in our store.
  • The train that travels overhead runs past photo murals of scenic spots in Erie County.  It also travels through a replica of the Gudgeonville Bridge near the Cider Shack and over a replica of the Kinzua Bridge as you enter the Store. 


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